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Matsusaka Beef
Matsusaka Beef
August 19, 2002-. The "Matsusaka cow identification management system" that a consumer can learn about individual Historical Information until shipment from birth of a worldwide brand Matsusaka cow on the Internet in a retail store and a home worked prior to the whole country.
7376 yen were recorded per most high-price 1 kilogram by the record left in recent years at a carnivorous market in Tokyo on September 2. It'll be the heavy price affected by approximately three times before BSE occurrence.
That was the system which worked from August 19, and safety and relief of Matsusaka cow were the result with which the thing which became something certain up to now above is lined.
By BSE occurrence, "of a pinch, in chance", the system that I built receives 8 years into a password in August of this year. A fattening farmer fattens 119 houses current as of February 28, head count is 9574. Among the dissolved Matsusaka beef and the rate for which a system is being utilized are about 65 % of the whole.
The person concerned will be a cluster aiming at safety of Matsusaka beef and relief, and the system that it was completed will also have the point of view of a consumer now, and grope aiming at something better is continuing.

This is a pattern of a nose of a cow. Even if 1 different cow grows big, 1 of the pattern doesn't change with the fingerprint I say by man.
You apply exclusive ink a nose of the cow cow which has been just born, extract a nose coat of arm, stick in a calf registration note and use it for "person himself" confirmation for life.

Matsusaka cow identification
A DNA testing is being put into effect.
Matsusaka cow sticker of Matsusaka cow identification management system has begun the DNA testing to examine whether chou RARERA meat and the beef indicated on a sticker are same. The part of the fat and the part of the ear of the cow kept for a check are sent to a check engine in Gunma-ken. A picture is the work to send the part of the ear. A test result is being exhibited on the Web site of Matsusaka cow conference, so please see it.

Identification System
Identification Seal
It's possible to know the stirps of Matsusaka cow, farmer's information and the movement history by 10 digits of identification number printed by a sticker out. The proof that I'll report a relieved Matsusaka cow to everybody safely.
Please buy for a mark.

Vivid red is good for the color of the meat, and the fat is white or milky.
There is a moderate stickiness and a border of lean and fat is clear but good meat.
Roast of shoulder Fat content is delicious meat in moderateness.
It goes well with sukiyaki and beef and vegetables cooked in broth.
Rib Lean and fat are called rib and are a layer and are the thick taste.
It fits stew and rib baking.
Sirloin The texture is small and is soft meat.
It goes well with roast beef and miso pickles.
Round Fat is also a little meat relatively soft. It can also be made ground meat.
It goes well with a stir-fry and a hamburger.
Fillet The firmness is gentle and fat content is a little meat.
It goes well with a steak beef cutlet.
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