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It's the piggery in the circled place in scenic mountain and sea in the base in blue Mineyama with a fisherman in the whole country and faithful Shofukuji of a sailor as the Budda who watches safety in a sea.
The kind of "Ise-shima royal pork" is three yuan pig a beautiful gentle (marbled beef) enters. LWD three yuans of crossing pork crosses the male kind pig of du Locke kind (D) in the mother pig which crossed Rand race (large) kind and the big Yorkshire (W) kind (LW Duality crossing pig), and is made. I'm also producing a new pig at an in-house farm, and it's being managed so that I may make them produce good shoat of the quality of meat healthily using the mother pig selected from the inside.
The crossing which emphasized a mother's side is generally performed, but I cross-examine the quality of meat by which a gentle enters from sirloin a thigh by Yamagoe stockbreeding, also have a grudge against the paternity and do the choice half selects over a numerical charge for a seed pig. When an example is given, 100 seed pig tickets are severity chosen as about 10 in the 4th. This candidate doesn't stop at the domestic level and does candidate selection by the international level, and more crossing choice of a boar spends time with time after that, and does. An important one emphasizes another blood with the mild character by blood. A stress is difficult to receive and mild blood grows into the wonderful quality of meat.
* The pig which is produced by so-called deliberate rearing theory and manual management so that the feed efficiency may often be capable of culture, be short and complete with a hybrid pig. It's the feature that certain quantity can secure something of consistent quality certainly.
The piggery into which pleasant air comes warmly
"Because a stress is not, everyone is quiet. When it takes a stress, a descent enters meat, and the quality of meat is aggravated. A stress is the foe by which the taste is most." and, Mr. Yamagoe. A pig is an animal sensitive to the temperature difference originally, but Mr. Yamagoe says anyway that it's made the environment near the nature with the temperature difference every day and night and season from "a pig, by itself, forcing".
Summer is a natural wind, and winter is an electric floor heater, and the comfortable temperature is being kept. The pig which doesn't get dirty for a body has high immunity power and is stress-free because I always live on a clean floor. In other words, a mind and body and, healthily, it's said that everyone is also the character gently. With freeness, the done atmosphere of the piggery is because a pig isn't upset and is quiet. It's the culture environment that trial and error have been finished again for the texture to make the meat which has no small bad smells with laver of moderate fat.
I say that food influences the fat matter which determines the taste of the pig. "Health of a pig also leads to safety as a food. I stick to natural feed in the harakoku center thoroughly.". It's the feed by which Mr. Yamagoe is personal to say so. Milo wheat and soybeans of food protein have been used much and the original feed which raised immunity and blended the lactobacillus which makes the workings of the gut be activated and leaven has been developed. The prevention hygiene by which high-cost* which isn't this mass production type booked a vaccine for a minimum in the childhood when the antibiotic as well as the high nutritive value feed are powerless.
Nature as well as growth and the immunity power rise, so you can also nod at preferring the one to bring up a fine and healthy pig. And the pig brought up eats good feed and becomes important in pink meat with a choke with gentles of small fat like the light snow made an ideal.
When it'll be approximately 115-120 kilogram, a pig is shipped, "When 130-the hybrid which can be shipped in 140 days and the different and original maturation value are considered, it even takes 200 days for shipment here." Mr. Yamagoe is building it into the well-balanced quality of meat of the fat which is to spend time slowly and is moderate as well as the quality of the food. It requires a culture cost too much of course, but it's the part where you can't compromise for quality of meat improvement. Finally, approximately The drastic yellowtail by which a premium makes a pig of 3-4 tenths nonstandard. A process as choice of meat from tochikunochi is also only Mr. Yamagoe's commitment.
To bring up a good pig.
    In addition to heredity, the food environment and water, it's important not to give a stress to oh.

Yamakoshi stockbreeding Mr. Koichi Yamagoshi. (July 8, 1940)
After that I'm concentrating on culture of the pig which stuck to the best quality only in the country present.
Additionally "the whole country pig keeping proprietor meeting" (present: Japanese pig keeping producer conference) in.
I served as a vice-president for 16 years and the 6th generation chairperson for 6 years, and I was coming into action to contribute to development of industry.
I received high evaluation as a domestic top judge for years by a show of a domestic pig.
A traceability is a thing of "identification of Ise-shima royal pork".
It's possible to be raised by a pasture and inquire of the meat you did carnivorous processing of the production history of the Ise-shima royal pork.
Fat raises the maturity of the meat, improves the texture and a seal and invents more body and charm, and there is a lot of lean and is also soft, and a gentle and in the called muscle are generally fattest, and it's said that they enter.
A delivered pig can give us fresh feed by sunshine and a well ventilated piggery, and it's raised pork.
Lean is much compared with conventional pork, and percentage of water retention tastes good highly, and even if I cook, it's the feature that there is little lye. The quality of meat by which a sash enters from sirloin a peach part is being pursued.
The pink which makes the color of the meat feel gray faintly. A fresh glossy one is good meat on the surface.
Shoulder The texture is rough and rather hard. When it's made cutting into cubes and it's boiled, flavor is the meat which goes out.
It goes well with stew and pork and potatoes.
Rib Lean and fat are a layer and are meat of the thick taste.
It goes well with a boiled meat cube and stew.
Sirloin There is flavor in the outside fat, and the texture is small meat.
Cold sake SHABU goes well with Shoga-yaki.
Fillet Fat content is little and vitamin B1 is rich meat.
It matches a fried pork cutlet and deep-fried mixed kebabs.
Round Fat is little and the texture is small meat.
It goes well with roast meat and sweet and sour pork.
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