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Loyal Pork
Matsusaka Beef
Miso flavor of pork back ribs  How to eat
You can mix meat of pork back ribs and Toyosaka secret fermented soybean paste and put to sleep for more than 1 hour.
When how to bake it fermented soybean paste of pork back ribs puts 1-2 minute lid by medium heat by a frying pan and does like baking in a casserole, and is cooked, a lid will be removed and bakes it until a burn mark is lit by a high flame.

They're stir-fried vegetables, roast meat and food served in a pot....
Fermented soybean paste bowl of pork back ribs
It's torn on the rice, cabbage and lettuce are dished up and the fermented soybean paste of pork back ribs fried on it's heaped.
Topping of a rice-ball
Meat of pork back ribs and leek were fried and boiled....
Dish boiled in miso of pork back ribs
I'll put in and boil leek much including water or katsuo-dashi soup so that meat of pork back ribs is flooded.
Additionally seasoning
Even if you like and soybean candy bar shou and sesame oil are added, it's good!
Besides various dishes can also be enjoyed.
Fermented soybean paste gratin rice casserole of pork back ribs

As I bake meat, load rice down and give white sauce a ride. When the back is baked openly.... When cheese is put in, it's better!
In a meat book box lunch...

Even if it cools, it's good.
Children are delighted, too Apparent!
Fermented soybean paste burger of pork back ribs

This is good again.
Cheek OCHISO-.
By everyone, noisily Barbecue.

Vitamin is very popular with barbecue children with enough pork in a recovery of a tired body.
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